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My SEO Process

Understanding my SEO process is key to understanding what I’m doing and the order in which I’m doing it in.


There is a particular order and etiquette when implementing your SEO strategy. Too much velocity can lead your website under an algorithmic penalty, not enough will result in poor results.


Scroll down to see my process and understand each service…

Website Optimization

Website Audit

Stage One

All websites require a website audit. This builds the scope of what is required to push your website to the top of search.

Custom Coding

Technical SEO Changes

Stage Two

Moving forward from your web audit, we will implement any technical changes required for a clean crawl and categorisation of your content.

Local SEO

Your Brand In Search

Stage Three

This is commonly known as Local SEO or branding. This covers locality, NAP details across the web and Map Listings in Google and Bing.

Return on Investment

Link Building

Stage Four

Links are still important, they send spiders (bots) to your site from across the world wide web. Without domain authority and trust from link, you most likely won't.

Landing Page Optimization

Content SEO

Stage Five

Link building shouldn't last forever, your content should start gaining links naturally. I can provide strategies, optimisation, AI analysis and even writing services.

Website Optimization

Another Website Audit

Stage Six

This is a refresher, it is something tangible to compare from when we started. This will pick up: any extra errors created from the onpage work we have done, an update on competitors metrics and any new competitors entering the result pages.

Web Analytics

Reporting, Monitoring & Optimisation

Live Reporting

Once we start gaining traction, we will have data! From here we can start to optimise and grow the website for more traffic, semantic relevancy towards topics and even conversion funnels.

Services Breakdown

Web Development

I can cover all areas of web development for professional services or lead generation websites, local businesses and e-commerce websites.


I build all websites with SEO in mind, and structure the website so it is ready for online growth, can be crawled/indexed easily by bots and the content is structured.


All websites are built using a framework and WordPress CMS (open source) which will be installed in a Linux based server within a Data Centre based in either Melbourne or Sydney.


For an example of a small website I can build for you, please check out Hens Party Hobart.

Search Engine Optimisation

This is the bulk of my work for services. I’m a search engine optimisation specialist, I live and breath it… Let’s run through what I can offer.


  • Technical SEO (Apache/PHP & WordPress)
  • Onpage Optimisation & UX
  • Local SEO and Schema Implementation
  • Online Public Relations (Editorial Outreach)
  • Link Building (Blogger Outreach)
  • Knowledge Graph and Semantic Web (Wikimedia)
  • Content Analysis (Natural Language & SEO Guidelines)


This covers the foundation on what I offer above, without trying to get too technical. Essentially if you’re a business and you’re online, I’ve got your covered from A – Z on SEO.



There are a couple of other areas in SEO I can help you with, but do not specialise in it:


  • Social Media Strategy and Automation
  • Content Marketing via CPC Platforms
  • E-Commerce Consultation and Strategies (Shopify Partner)


Content is a really broad area as an industry, but from an SEO standpoint it can be broken down into: Writing, Analysis, Optimisation and Syndication.


I must be clear in here, I do not write content. I specialise in analysis, optimisation and syndication. If you do need a professional copywriter I do have a small network of writers in Australia and happy to recommend a few.


I don’t specialise in Pay Per Click style advertising. I’m capable of doing it, I just don’t want to. If you insist on me taking a look or helping you with Cost Per Click platforms like Adwords, you need to be doing SEO with me already.


I can also assist with news widgets and getting your articles on SMH or Telegraph websites.


Know more…

I’m an all-round online marketing guy, I just specialise in SEO. I can plan and execute a full online marketing strategy from hosting connection to domain, CMS installation, consultation for branding and execution, your SEO (obviously), content marketing and syndication, social media strategies (I don’t manage them), SAAS based App marketing and more, just ask me


Contact Me

If you want to know more about me or my services and it’s not on the website, feel free to fill in the form to get an obligation free consultation. I can take a look at your website whilst speaking over the phone, and I’ll give you a top level overview on what you should do with your website.


Key-points I’m going to want to know before discussing anything are:


  • Industry Details – Competitions, Keywords you want to target
  • Business Details – Who are you, Tell me about the business
  • Budgeting Details – What is your online marketing investment


I know people don’t like talking budget, but the reality is marketing requires budget and we need to talk about it before moving forward.