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Hobart, June 18, 2019

Case Study: Influencer Marketing For Jewellery

It has played on my mind for a little while now and I’ve always wanted to give it a test run. Influencer Marketing via Instagram has been the buzz in the online marketing town, and like most strategies that are promoted and sold in tutorials, it’s is highly likely that it is all complete bs.

Hobart, Apr 29, 2019

Case Study: Building A Brand, Website, SEO and Advertising

Since I moved to Hobart in December 2018 and started targeting Tassie businesses for SEO, I’ve had a little bit of a slow start. When competing for work in Sydney, things are a little different where I don’t need to prove myself anymore, since I’m already a senior with a reputation in my field (10 years and still going), but down here in Hobart nobody knows me and most business owners still can’t wrap their head around what SEO is and how it can benefit them… So naturally I’m pulling myself back to 6 years ago where case studies were a big deal.

Hobart, Dec 7, 2018

Local SEO Services for Tasmanian Business Owners

Hobart SEO Consultant set to launch local SEO services on December 10th, 2018. Located in the old City Mill building on Hobart’s Wharf in Morrison Street. Hobart SEO Consultant launched early in preparation for networking over the holidays.

Hobart, Nov 13, 2018

Hobart SEO Consultant Launching Services in 2019

Hobart SEO Consultant is announcing its launch of services for Tasmanian businesses targeting locally or nationwide. Hobart SEO Consultant has plans to improve maps within the Google platform for Tasmania, making any hospitality based business easier to find and making it easier for tourists to truly discover Tasmania.


Are you a Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry member? You are eligible for a free offer!
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Final project for 2019 is now complete!

This project took months to complete and details include building an e-commerce store with a booking system and members area that holds restricted content for clients. I also built a rewards system on blockchain with token redemption via the website.

Let me introduce Tasmanian business Pole Kitty Fitness which launched just a few months ago.

Anyone looking to have a website built like this, please contact me via
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