Case Study: Building A Brand, Website, SEO And Advertising

Case Study: Building A Brand, Website, SEO And Advertising

Since I moved to Hobart in December 2018 and started targeting Tassie businesses for SEO, I’ve had a little bit of a slow start. When competing for work in Sydney, things are a little different where I don’t need to prove myself anymore, since I’m already a senior with a reputation in my field (10 years and still going), but down here in Hobart nobody knows me and most business owners still can’t wrap their head around what SEO is and how it can benefit them… So naturally I’m pulling myself back to 6 years ago where case studies were a big deal.

Before getting started, I should probably mention that I write how I speak, in a rush, and I’m quite direct and honest. I should also mention that if you’re not in the top 5 positions on Google for your keywords, and you’re not gaining any inquiries, your website is essentially a waste of space. You can change that…

Hobart has a very high unemployment rate, and nobody wants to grow their business because they “feel” there is no work, but I look at the statistics and make an educated decision, and I see plenty of potential in Tasmania. We as business owners and operators need to jump this fear hurdle and stop allowing larger companies to keep pushing down the family owned businesses. The only way this can happen is through brand recognition, ranking in organic search and utilising advertising strategies that clearly work for many people across the world.

Enough rambling, let’s dig in…

Stage One: Building A Brand

This brand didn’t exist in the first place, we had to build it from scratch. We decided to go with an exact match domain to avoid any confusion for anyone looking for the service. The business plan was to create a service that provides consultation around planning hens parties with the intention to leverage from an existing network within the wedding industry.

I was given complete creative freedom and built the entire brand concept within a week, followed by a soft launch on 22nd January 2019.

Stage Two: Building The Website

Once I had some creative work (images, videos, text) and a colour scheme, it was time to put it all together. I built the website on WordPress using a Framework where I can essentially make the site look however I like – meaning not linked into a specific theme and style.

We knew we wanted to have the planning service as the main focus and to plug on an e-commerce section for selling products in the near future.

Stage Three: Affiliate Partnership

The website didn’t take long to build and we now had an empty shop. I swapped hats for this task from developer to networking/adviser. I helped organise an affiliate partnership within a similar industry where they were able to provide a product feed based on the websites interests. Now the website has over 50 products imported into the database.

Stage Four: Search Engine Optimisation

I did a hard launch of the website on 16th February 2019 and the SEO started just days after. When I’m building websites I always have onpage SEO in mind, actually, I prioritise SEO over Design, since it’s always easier to optimise design through UX, but cleaning up onpage SEO can be annoying once you’ve already started offpage and local SEO.

The ranking of the website is currently in the top 3 positions for all the keywords it has targeted.

Hens Party Hobart growth in Search Console.

Stage Five: Social Media

Once the website started gaining some traction within the organic search result pages for queries directly related to the business itself, I proposed a content marketing strategy where brand awareness during the off season was the main goal.

Facebook is the perfect platform for this, and using CPM based advertising (cost per 1000 impression) to try and pull in an audience for wedding season (coming up in summer).

Hens Party Hobart Facebook Growth

The blog section of the website allows us to see which topics are of most interest for people newly engaged to their partners and looking for advice on planning a hens party within Hobart.

If you would like to follow the progress of Hens Party Hobart, please feel free to follow the facebook page or visit the website to see my website examples.




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