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Services for Local Businesses

Most local businesses will require an online marketing strategy in order to be discovered online. Hobart SEO Consultant can take your branding and style guides to create a strong digital footprint for your business.


Digital Marketing Approach

Unlike most agencies looking to gain your business, I am located in Tasmania and try to understand you and your target audience before making any suggestions.


Over 10 years industry experience for Front-End Development and Search Engine Optimisation.


Web Development

I started as a web developer before venturing into SEO. Ask me about building a simple website that will rank for your business.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO and web server management. I can assist with crawl bugs for your website plus web hosting, domains and database security.

Link Building

Link building is one of the main challenges. I have built one of the largest outreach lists over the past 6 years and still growing to this day.

User Experience

UX Analysis and Mobile First for WordPress websites. I can monitor and maintain the backend and frontend of your WordPress site.

Online Marketing Hobart

Why You Need SEO

Using an SEO expert (such as myself) you’re able to tap into a target audience that is actively looking for a product or service; pull marketing ( which is a non-intrusive method of gaining business.


If you’re not being discovered online, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.


People I’ve Worked With

You can also see some case studies in the news section.


SEO Specialist Tasmania

Why Choose Me

My name is Nick and I’ve been in digital marketing for over 10 years, specifically working with search engines (Google & Bing/Yahoo). I’ve worked for a number of large agencies within Australia and have been working as a freelancer for over 3 years.


I’m now living in Hobart, Tasmania and ready for face to face meetings. Let’s talk some SEO strategies over coffee and get the ball rolling on helping you rank for specific keywords.


Contact Me

I know search algorithms well, contact me and let’s discuss how we can all grow together. Don’t speak to account managers, deal directly with me (the worker) and cut out the middle man to reduce overheads.