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Services for Local Businesses

Most local businesses requires the same strategy: to be discovered online and to be ready for community engagement. My specialities include building up your brand within Google search and creating a strategy to capture your community.


Professional Services or Lead Generation Sites

My specialities include news media and PR outreach, branding structures within a search engines, technical SEO and website auditing.


All services include monthly reporting for your SEO campaign.


Web Development

I am a web designer and developer by nature. I can build professional sites, ecommerce websites and work with SaaS systems. Ask me about custom built websites or websites on a budget.

Technical SEO

As a coder I'm fluent in technical SEO and web server management. I work really well with apache/linux based web servers and have worked with cloud based systems such as Amazon Web Services.

Link Building

I'm a qualified journalist and operate a newswire and PR business on the side. I'm good with content analysis and building strategies for content syndication on a local or global scale.

User Experience

Analysing content, web asset positioning and landing page optimisation to increase conversions. I work with platforms such as WordPress or Shopify, and can build funnel pages for Adwords.

Online Marketing Hobart

Why You Need SEO

Online marketing is how you generate traffic to your website/business. By using an SEO expert (such as myself) you’re able to tap into a target audience that is actively looking for a product or service. This is called pull marketing.


There are a lot of people moving to Hobart, which are accustomed to using Google Maps to find local businesses.


If you’re not being discovered online, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.


People I’ve Worked With

You can also see some case studies in the news section.


SEO Specialist Tasmania

Why Choose Me

My name is Nick and I’ve been in digital marketing for close to 10 years, specifically working with search engines (Google & Bing/Yahoo). I’ve worked for a number of large agencies within Australia and have been working as a freelancer for over 2 years. (source)


I’m now living in Hobart, Tasmania and ready for face to face meetings. Let’s talk some SEO strategies over coffee and get the ball rolling on helping you rank for specific keywords.


Contact Me

I know search algorithms well, contact me and let’s discuss how we can all grow together. Don’t speak to account managers, deal directly with me (the worker) and cut out the middle man to reduce overheads.